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Bean X Pea: Legume Feast

Legume fruit
is a simple dry fruit that develops from
a simple carpel and usually dehisces
(opens along a seam) on two sides.
a common name for this type of fruit is a pod
legume varieties
plant family Fabaceae
"peas" and others as "beans"
Legume family
peas vs beans
Peas have tendrils to hold onto their support
while beans wrap their stalks around it.
A bean is a has a seed that
can be split or broken (when dried) into
two identical halves.
With peas, the seeds are whole.
Soybean / Soyabean / 黃豆
soybean (U.S.) = soya bean (UK)
is classed as an oilseed
rather than a Pulse (legume) by
the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).
Soy bean plantsoybean
red bean / azuki bean / 紅豆
Vigna angularisazuki bean
green bean / mung bean / 綠豆
綠豆樹green mung bean

Urad bean / black gram / 黑豆
Vigna mungoUrad bean
Fava bean / broad bean / 蠶豆
Fava bean
which we usually eat as roasted snack
Chick pea / Garbanzo / 鷹嘴豆
steamed as a local snack:
kacang putih
chickpea as kacang putih
Haricot bean / navy bean / white bean
navy bean
more commonly eaten in the form of
baked bean
a bushy annual plant of the legume family,
grown for its lens-shaped seeds
preparation of pulses
(dried lentils, peas or beans)
which have been stripped of
their outer hulls and split
main ingredients in Indian curry
*Toor dal: pigeon peas

*Chana dal: chick peas

*Masoor dal: red lentil

*Rajma dal: kidney beans
Toor Dal

Chinese pearled barley vs pearled barley
Chinese pearled barley / Job’s Tears / 薏苡仁俗稱薏仁
grain-bearing tropical plant of
the family Poaceae (grass family)
Job's TearJob's Tears
pearled barley / 洋薏米; 珍珠麥; 大麥粉粒
is processed barley

to remove its hull and bran
it’s a cereal grain
Job's Tear vs Pearled Barley

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